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About Nicole

Nicole Fende is an actuary, an investment banker, and an accomplished air guitar player. This “How to be a Finance Rock Star” author attained CFO status before age 30! She shares her wealth of knowledge with others through her online training program, Rock Your Profits. And she has the most infectious laugh on the planet.

She was first bitten by the acting bug in high school, debuting onstage as a suicidal blade of grass. Though acting was eventually set aside, Nicole leveraged her stage skills to become a sought after public speaker known as The Numbers Whisperer®. Last year she returned to the stage as part of Fringe 2017, performing at HUGE Theater. She learned HUGE offered long-form improve training and immediately signed up. Despite the fact she’s never completed a #NaNoWriMo challenge, Nicole is a two-time author. She’s currently working on her third novel, a sci-fi romance, which was the inspiration for this show. #Funny Friday

Journals are on for sale @ $10

Link to current show at the Minnesota Fringe Fest

Other books by Nicole

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