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Janice Novak developed her unique posture program over twenty years of working with individual clients and teaching thousands of workshops. She has been quoted as the country's premier expert on posture in national and regional publications and broadcasts. Janice has a Master’s Degree in Health & Physical Education. She is an internationally acclaimed, best-selling author, speaker and wellness consultant who teaches workshops and seminars for hospitals, corporations and professional organizations. She presents up-to-date info on pertinent health/wellness topics that can improve employee health, decrease sick days, and improve productivity, alertness, energy and motivation.

Janice empowers people to take action toward attaining better health. Her easy-to-use techniques are informational and motivational and can easily be integrated into daily life. She teaches simple steps that lead to powerful changes in how you look and feel. Janice regularly presents health segments on television and radio, including a guest spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing her best-selling book, "Posture, Get It Straight!

It’s true - improving your posture can make important differences in the way you look and feel. Like many people, though, you may think that your posture is hopeless, especially after years of slouching, slumping, or working in positions that have strained your muscles and stressed your body This fully illustrated guide shows you how to beat bad posture habits and demonstrates easy strengthening exercises that start working right away. Make yourself a promise to learn these simple techniques - and enjoy the rewards of better posture today!


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