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Author's Corner - Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas, networking expert, is author of Win/Win Networking: Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections (available on Amazon). She founded the Win/Win Connects model for fostering uplifting, meaningful and energizing connections. More recently, she created the 50 Fun Things workshop and toolkit which is transforming lives, personally and professionally. Teresa provides a supportive, inclusive (and fun!) approach in her workshops, presentations and writing. She has been the director of MN Women in Networking (WIN) since 2007, during which time she has uplifted the careers of over 2,500 entrepreneurial women. Teresa is also an engaging speaker with a lighthearted, interactive style. With over 20 years in the business of professional connections, Teresa has facilitated hundreds of networking events, presented for countless groups, and helped thousands to connect and grow through win/win networking. Teresa also offers individual consultations for personal focus on your best networking strategies. Learn more at and

50 Fun Things: Expand your imagination to break through limited thinking and negative self-talk. In a fun and playful mindset you can find what you really want in your work and personal life. Once the intention is set, terrific things begin to happen - often much sooner than you expect!

When I identified my own 50 Fun Things, my life quickly became more fulfilling. What had felt like wild dreams started coming true. My experiences opened ever wider as I received positive life lessons leading me far beyond my original list of 50 Fun Things.

I want everyone to experience the same kind of growth -- and fun! This workbook and the other 50 Fun Things tools will inspire you to reconnect with what brings you joy. I’ve included writing prompts to reflect on what feels fulfilling for you. You can then use this workbook to guide you as you fill in your 50 Fun Things Chart as a reminder of what you’d like to experience. To dive in even deeper, use the 50 Fun Things Journal to capture your wonderful experiences and what you learn along the way. Get ready for amazing things to happen!