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FuzionPrint Author’s Corner: Ann Peck

FuzionPrint Author’s Corner

Featured Author: Ann peck

Smiling on the outside

A little bit about Ann: Ann Peck is a sex + intimacy coach and expert in sexual shame and related trauma. She founded The Me, too! Movement, an international grassroots movement bringing women together to recognize, accept and heal from the pain of living in silence with secret shame, for the purpose of reminding you, you're not alone, you're not the only one, and you're not crazy either -- all through the power of two simple words: Me, too!

About the award winning book Smiling on the outside: There is no safety in silence, only the loss of “self.” We hide our dirty little secrets because we fear the judgment of others. Alone, we ask, “Can I bear myself? Can I stand the truth?” Until we shatter our secrets and share our stories in order to be released from shame, we cannot find the freedom, joy, and love that’s waiting for us on the other side. Picking up the pieces after emotional and financial devastation, Ann Peck revisits the hidden stories that shaped her self-concept and self-doubt. Anxiety, rape, domestic violence, a husband’s sex addiction, failed relationships, codependency, resentments, and sexual shame, they’re all there in her unblinking search for empowerment and self-love.

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