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FuzionPrint is a full service print shop, located in Burnsville.

We are here to assist you realize your vision in print, whether it is signs for your next business expo, business cards, retractable banners, or perfect bound books.  We are committed to providing a high quality, professional service. 

Are you interested in a workbook or journal? 

Spiral binding is an affordable and high-quality option.

Order your spiral-bound books today!


Spiral-bound book printing offers the best balance of affordability, durability, and professionalism. Spiral binding is popular for custom planners, workbooks, training books, or any project where the reader will need a lay flat option.

The spiral bindings are flexible and long-lasting. This makes the spiral-bound book perfect for on-the-job training, reference manuals, directories, cookbooks, journals, notebooks, and other books that will be used frequently for years at a time.

How do we print and spiral bind a book?

  1. Book pages and covers are printed on high-quality digital presses.

  2. Sheets are punched for spiral binding.

  3. The coils, or spiral bindings, are inserted and wound through the books.

  4. Coils are cut and crimped as they come off the binding unit to keep the pages from unwinding.


The durable plastic coils come in black and white but ask about other colors if you are interested.

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